Saturday, May 28, 2011

9 Things Church Leadership Needs to Grapple With

  1. If it’s harder for a rich man to get into Heaven, while all the teaching on prosperity?

  1. Christ has called us to love and even bless our enemies. The church needs to find new ways to embrace Islam and homosexuals instead of smear campaigns and hatred.

  1. Transparency from the leadership. Words like “I’m sorry. I don’t know. I need help. And I need a break” would make you more relevant. We’ve already experienced leadership that knew it all and never messed up.

  1. Accountability and delegation in the leadership. There is more talk about elders than pastors in the Scriptures. They are under utilized and we are killing pastors because of it.

  1. How the church collects money. You had better be able to defend your stance on whether tithing is biblical or not. People are weary of the traditional plate passing. Wrestle with new ways to teach on and inspire support.

  1. How the church is accountable with its money. Because people are weary of traditional plate passing what can the leadership due to build their confidence, bring down their guard, and let them see their money at work.

  1. Why isn’t your old school church using social media and the internet more?

  1. Why is your new school church establishing kids programs, talented worship teams, charismatic teaching, and creative marketing when you haven’t even heard from the Holy Spirit on how to do church?

  1. Jesus never made disciples out of the masses. Why are you more centered on growing the “church” than in growing “disciples”. Get relational and multiply yourself.

By Scott Blair