Sunday, July 3, 2011

Am I going to Hell for getting more tattoos?

This Thursday, I am going in for my 10th tattoo and yes I am an ordained and practicing minister. I've lost count of how many my beautiful wife has. And most disturbing, we often get our kids fake tattoos at carnivals! Many Christians are doing it these days and many are still opposed. Here is a great video for you to "wrestle" with God over the idea that tattoos will send you to hell.

And how about a couple pics of our tattoos ;-)


  1. This is horrible, I understand you have your own oppinion on tattoos or what not but do you realize how many will take this "idea" of yours and say its okay that as Christian we get tattoos? Your body is not your own it belongs to Jesus Christ the disciple did not have tattoos and did not need tattos to preach, Go and preach the good news not tattoo the good news on your self and start a convo like that. People look up to us, they expect us to be different then the world why go and get a tattoo on a body thats not yours and even become a stumbling block for someone who might be a little more immature in the faith and expect you not to get tattoos THIS IS TRULY SAD!

    1. Shut the hell up -.- its fine if people get tattoos. We will only go to hell if we dont accept jesus as our savior.

  2. I agree with the previous comment. Although we are not the Levites, God does seem to make it pretty clear that he doesn't want his people to get tatooed up like all the other pagans. Just because NT doesn't specifically forbid tatoos doesn't mean we should get them. And if you are a Christian leader and getting them AND posting about it, you most likely will be a stumbling block for soomeone who hasn't build their faith on the rock. Someone who builds their faith on people like you often make comprimises like this...I know I did. I currently have six tatoos, and can happily say that I will never get another.

  3. How funny the last 2 posts are.....I believe that "somewhere" in the Bible we were taught NOT to judge others. I'm guessing the previous 2 people who commented forgot that (or possible never learned that? Not sure)

  4. I am curious how we are stumbling blocks to people ? We are not condoning drug use, or glorifying fornication, or acting in a sinful nature and bragging about it on the web. It's very sad to me that people are still so narrow minded in this day and age. I am just thankful that the Jesus Christ that stood by Mary Magadalene is the same Jesus that loves me and I hope to walk in his light NOT the religious people of today. Christians are the reason I left the church but Christ is the reason I serve a living God and I keep my eyes on him, not judgemental men. I pray that I never judge others for that is God's place but I do hope to love them, all of them.

  5. My first pastor taught me never to read the mail of any critic who won't sign their name. But in spite of my training my purpose in this post was to generate conversation.

    So anonymous friends: First, people should not look up to us, that's your western ego, they should look up to Christ. I agree that Leviticus clearly states that we should not get tattoos! But it also clearly states we should not eat shrimp, cut our hair, shave, wear clothes that are made of more than one fabric. It says we should kill those caught in adultery and homosexuals. And my problem with your kind is that I bet a dollar to a doughnut you cut your hair, shave, and probably eat shrimp. That's called buffet religion. You can not go through the bible cafeteria line and only pick out what suits you.

    My point is to get people like you to wrestle with these kind of issues. Why you only hold others to certain Levitical laws why you yourself break Levitical laws found in the same chapter.

    It would be my belief that your judgmental attitude and buffet religion is why 1 million Americans are leaving the traditional church yearly. And that is TRULY SAD! I go Thursday for my 10th tattoo, and can happily say that I will be getting several more in the near future.

  6. Thankfully we're all saved by grace. I mean, just today my wife and I were talking about the fact that I need to cut my hair and that of my sons!!!

    Selective reading of scripture can be a dangerous thing.

    Oh yeah, and I think that I might have some spandex in my jocks and socks. Whoops...

  7. Grapplers Church....preach on! I love ya, tatoos and all, my faith is not in you....its in the God we both love and serve! Getting tattoos as a follower of Christ is not a sin, non appropriate tatoos as a christian may certainly be in really bad taste and not a good witness, but having personal, respectfull, artful symbolism on your body is YOUR form of expression. Each to his own, work out your own salvation and look at someone's heart, not their tats!!!

  8. chasity is right... We may not agree on things or how people live but it's not our place to judge anyone... That's the job of JESUS
    For example... I don't agree with people being gay but I do not treat them any differently because that is not my place and that is between them and JESUS
    I personally see nothing wrong with the tattoos, everyone is different and has there own likes and dislikes and it doesn't mean that one or the other is wrong
    Bottom line is there Is no harm what so ever in them having tattoos, it's about the person on the inside and their relationship with JESUS and not about the flesh on the outside and this is no different than judging someone for being ugly or fat!!!

  9. From Curt: each their own.....I guess?? I am not here to judge anyone as that is the responsibility of our Lord Jesus Christ. However, the word does remind us to hold our brother's and sister's in Christ accountable to the standards of his Holy word. It is that standard that should reflect in each of our lives and if ANY of us do live according to that standard then that is what we will be judged by on that day of judgement. I will say as for the statement made about Mary Magdalene, what the word of God does say is that he told her that she was forgiven and told her to sin no more. So if one believes that getting tatoo's is according to the word of god as defiling the temple of the Lord (which is what our body is) then at the point that we hear the truth then we should turn from those things and not go towards them again.

    As for the post from the church, you are absolutely correct that we should keep our eyes fixed on Christ and his word to lead us to the place that we should all go! However, there does come a time when if our actions do no reflect what Christ would do, that is when our actions can become a stumbling block to those that may not currently believe in Christ our Savior. The word does tell us that if we know to do right and don't then we have sinned, and if we do something that is in offense to a fellow believer, then we have sinned against them.

    Those that are in spiritual authority, believe it or not are actually required by God's word to a higher standard than those that are not.

    It is definitely not ANYONE'S job to judge, but deliver the word of the Lord in love and then allow the Holy Spirit to work in folks to allow them to be at a place with the Lord that is unshakable!

    Pointing fingers and saying "your" way of thinking (in my opinion) is just a way to jab back at the ones making the comments anonymously.

    As for my opinion, would I personally get a tatoo? No. Do I think that those that have tatoo's will go to hell? no!!

    As for getting tatoo's that is something that one must earnestly pray and seek the Lord about and if they don't feel conviction over it, then again, that is between that person and the Lord.

    ALL sin and come short of God's glory! No one is perfect and we all have done things and will continue to do things that may not be pleasing to others, but the one thing that I do know without a doubt, if we ALL follow Chrit and the example that He lived out before us, none of us can go wrong in our Christian walk!

    Love in the Lord!

  10. Curt, I appreciate the feedback and in such a responsible manner. May I counter?

    I agree, we are responsible to hold one another accountable to His Holy Word. But the challenge here on this post is not getting a tattoo keeping His Holy Word? If so, why do you wear clothes made of multiple fabrics?

    Is it not more of a stumbling block to new christians and unbelievers to keep only certain parts of the law but not others? I am free from the law and that is the example I wish to set. I think many believers only keep ones they agree with and pretend the others arent there. That "stumbles" alot of us.

    If christians are going to be so sincere about the body being the Lords temple when it comes to tattoos, then I dont want see their childrens ears pierced and definatley dont buy them Happy Meals at McD's!

    I think you are alluding to the fact that tattoos offend other believers so avoid it. Really? Some are offended by long hair, make up, shorts, pork, guitars, drums, air conditioning, NIV's, Mercedes, movies, and secualar education. Do we crawl into a cave?

    And yes, I am pointing fingers, jabbing, and saying "your" way of thinking! I want to provoke people to wrestle with what is Truth! Do you realize just a couple generations ago men who prayed, read the bible, and pastored churches OWNED SLAVES! (and justified it by scriptures). Thank God someone pointed a finger and said "your" way of thinking is wrong. The sin of most men is their silence. (we wont even get into John the Baptist, Jesus, Martin Luther, and those who pointed fingers and challenged religion). And no I'm not comparing myself to them or tattoos to slavery, but we can't just live as christians trying not to offend anyone. I do not believe that is our call.

    I have sought the Lord on this. I feel free. When he says no more tatts for me, I will stop. I am open to His leading and the leading of His Word.

    I'm happy you dont think I'm going to hell. I'm happy you took time to participate in the discussion. And I'm very happy you signed off "Love in the Lord!"


  11. I have mixed feelings about tattoos-On one hand I do think we shouldn't harm our bodies as they are god's temple-But we do many other [seemingly unimportant ]things to it everyday.Or at least most of us.Also I believe that unsaved people can be deterred from maybe approaching us, or wanting to become a christian because of the tattoos.I have one small one but have decided not to get anymore.Thats just me tho..It did bother me some sfterwards leading to my decision.I guess the bottom line for me is '' We all need to work out our own salvation'' and judge not others. That is not our job.Be blessed

  12. I definately dont think tattoos will send you to hell nor do I think someone in a leadership position having them is wrong. I was out of church for a very long time because I was tired of the people of the church running their mouths passing judgement on others, fake playing church and trying to take up record collection offerings so the preacher could drive a 2011 cadillac escalade. Sadly I think the church is corrupt and the people of the church have went down that same road. I recently rededicated my life to God and it was a tattooed preacher that spoke the words into my life and was used as a vessel to bring me back into a relationship with God. It didn't happen at church or in a church setting. When I go to church I see people playing church then going to frisches and talking about everybody in the church thats not sitting at their table. Todays church has become about long tongues, record breaking collection offerings, back stabbing, clicks, passing judgement, and who dresses or looks the best. So while the tattooed minister is out on the streets being used as a vessel to minister, reach lives, and plant seeds in the lives of a lost world and bringing lost souls to Christ, the church is too busy talking about can you believe what Brother Mikes wife is wearing and if its ok to have tattoos or not. So to Scott keep doing what your doing and thank you for posting subjects like these to open the eyes of the church "people" its gonna take ministers like you to reach todays generation because sadly the church has gotten to caught up in man made religion and politics.

  13. Amen Jeremy:))....... Perfect example!!!!

  14. I think this is great. Jesus didn't say not to abide by the old law. But he did say that he was here to fulfill that old law and covenant. Many of the things we do today probably started from other religious rituals. Metal music for example. I'm a metal musician. Am I going to hell because rock and roll and metal started out as something that wasn't the most christian act? Or is it something that Jesus will accept in the right context. The song "Travesty" by Haste The Day. If I can't worship to that song, why not and what can I worship to that's not an organ? Tattoos are the same way in my opinion. Just like I want to live a good Christian lifestyle, a tattoo shouldn't hinder me from that. It should be something though that I get, look at every day of my life, and remember what I was thinking that day that I got it. And remind me of who I am and what I want to stand for

  15. well, all i can say to that is i'll never forget in one of my darkest hours, years ago feeling completely confused & abandoned by everyone...u expressed nothing but unconditional love for me & my family regardless of how far we had's always been a good reminder & given me hope that there are true christians out there representing Christ not only in words but actions that speak so much more loudly to the lost & backslidden..u 2 are beautiful inside out & are impacting the lives of those that others cannot..;)


  17. I hope you all realize that the bible also says you can't have cheese on your burgers or shave your side burns, or wear mixed fabrics. And if all sins are equal like the bible says then off to hell we all go. Most of this shit is random b.s. made up by a bunch of old men in a village is what is now is real who probably took traits of an enemy and said those were sins and not to be like them so people would hate them for going against god. I'm a a believer in a higher power but I really don't think he gives about stuff like that, only that you are good and lobe one another

  18. some people can come to Christ through a Christian tattoos,also if we going to speak about that verse speak about others.Like not shaving ,not wearing mixed fabrics,not lusting,not having sex when not married,stealing ,idolizing people etc.

  19. New found believer here...toying with the idea of getting John 3:16 tattooed in a cross on my forearm. Not as a tool for witnessing, but as a tool to remind me daily of my commitment, as a reminder of the pain and suffering endured for me.

  20. If you are being guided by the holy spirit he will not tell you to get a tattoo.You must try everything in your will to get rid of them but they will not be the deciding factor .It will be up to the Lord Jesus Christ how he wil decide this matter as he knows your heart.
    "Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it. Mathew 7:13

  21. Do not look for perfection. The only one who know everything is God. May Jesus be in your heart. Accept him as him and ask for forgiveness.