Monday, June 6, 2011

Owe no man?

With over 550 creditors, and around 50 million dollars owed, (a 36 million dollar mortgage), the Crystal Cathedral is being sold to a real estate investment group to pull the church out of bankruptcy. LA Times:

This is not an attack on Robert Schuller. I read the above article in the LA Times and it made me reflect on a couple questions. The kind of questions biblical leadership everywhere should be wrestling with.

1. If God was in this, what went wrong?

2. Either way (if God was or wasn't), how has the prevailing American mindset that bigger and richer is better, infiltrated our churches to such a degree? Even suppossedly backed by the scriptures!

Doesn't scripture tell us it's harder for a rich man to get into heaven? Doesn't scripture teach us to owe no man?

Were there elders that sat in this church and helped make these financial decisions? Did they look at scripture for guidance?

We have seen too much of this in the modern church arena. 550 creditors????......Be careful Mega-Church leadership, be careful.

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