Sunday, June 26, 2011

What if your church was like this?

At Grapplers Church one of our key issues is that most of us have set in traditional churches for years and are asking "is this it?". I am devouring an surfeit of books on new church and cultural shifts. I think this video shows a clear direction of where the church should be heading. Comments?


  1. Couldn't agree more. I only wish it weren't so hard to find like-minded believers locally.

    For people who've been burned out by church for whatever reason, they may feel they don't have anything left to invest in the search for a healthy congregation.

    So I find this video inspiring and it makes me wish there was a straight-forward way of finding other believers who agree with its vision.


  2. I just started inviting like minded believers for coffee or to my house. It's grown to like 25 people at present.

    The internet is helpful in finding such people.

    Also the books you read. I just finished Revolution by George Barna. He says there are around 3 million like us at present, but that number doesnt really show up on a